Annual Contracts

An annual maintenance contract can help to prevent problems with your heating and cooling systems before they happen – while also helping to ensure that your systems run smoothly year-round.

In addition, having a maintenance contract can save you a significant amount of money. Here’s how it works. Twice each year (in the spring and fall), Sumrall Air Conditioning technicians will clean your system inside and out, check all electronics and filters and run any diagnostic procedures necessary. The fee for each maintenance visit is $85 for one system – and an additional $42.50 if you have a second system that needs maintenance. If a problem is detected, you will receive a significant discount on any parts and repair services needed. This discount is given exclusively to annual contract customers.

heating & cooling serviceHaving an annual maintenance contract can benefit you in many ways – plus it simply makes good sense. It can help you to avoid potential problems and breakdowns, it helps to extend the life of your equipment, it helps your system to run more efficiently – and it saves you money through discounts when repairs are needed.

To sign up for an annual maintenance contract, contact us today. It’s the best way to help avoid problems with your heating and cooling systems, while also saving you money in the long run



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